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Servus, a web-development studio founded 2018 in Amsterdam, is a home for creative and curious minds. We embrace new challenges with an open heart, a hunger to learn, and a passion for solving problems as a team.

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We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and we’re convinced our full potential can only be released when we all work together, inside and outside the company (or during buzzed late-night discussions)
Doing things right is awesome, but being on first-line to explain why and how we did it is even better. How often did you face the actual people involved in your project for an effective and straight explanation of the accomplished work? Not often hu?
We are human, you are human and our clients are human as well so isn’t it logical to base our approach on making them the center of our strategy?

Although the company currently is located in Amsterdam, we truly believe in the power of technology as the biggest communication facilitator we have ever known. As for today and tomorrow, there’s no excuse not to work with us even if you are not located in Amsterdam.

We treat all exchanged information with the utmost respect and will never pass on any information to third parties.

We’re truly driven by the idea that our future will be composed of an endless multiplicity of digital touchpoints, and we’re definitely the guys to help you build this future.
Think, build, look back and improve. We’ve been in the business for a while and if there’s something we have learned so far, it’s that nothing lasts forever and our capacity to evolve and adapt is the best asset we have.

We never really liked OPS or one-project stands. We truly believe that the real potential of a collaboration can only be unleashed when we envision partnerships on the long-term, not only to get to know and understand the products and the relationship we build, but also because we can get to improve everything we build.

Honest communication is key for successful projects. If we get the impression things could be done better, we will tell you, even if it’s not nice to hear. The same goes the other way around, of course.

We know you’re willing to spend money on a project and you want to do it with us. Great, then it means we’re all getting on a trust-based relationship, but it also means we’re not afraid to be who we are and certainly not to tell you when we think we’re getting off track. Relationships, remember?

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